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Greetings and Welcome to SpiceofyourLife!

We are thankful to have you join us and learn about the world of Alicia J. Alexander. From current position at Image Werks, Corporation to Trinidad and Tobago, Alicia’s homeland. Alicia desires to share her experience and the best of the Caribbean culture with you.

In this blog, Alicia shares her business acumen through Image Werks, Corporation with you, the visitor and, maybe, prospective Client.

Image Werks, LLC

Image Werks, Corporation is a Digital Business focused on Business Development and Accounting. The mission of Image Werks, Corporation is to grow your business through a synergy of technology and numbers strategy. Employing Social/New Media, GAP based Accounting along with strategic Customer-centric marketing, Image Werks, Corporation will assist you the Business Owner, Entrepreneur, with growing your company, whether for-profit or not-for-profit.

On July 15, 2005, Alicia J. Alexander established Image Werks Corporation. Today, Image Werks, LLC’s location is in Rumford, RI. The ideal client includes Start-Up companies, Not-for-profit organizations, and established Corporations who require strategic Business Development consulting, Social Media Strategy and, fundamental Accounting work.

Trinidad and Tobago

Alicia J. Alexander shares the Caribbean Culture: food, clothing and music through this blog.

Alicia J. Alexander immigrated from the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago, a beautiful, independent island in the Caribbean. You will take a journey with Alicia to experience the rich Caribbean food, clothing and indigenous “tunes” called Soca and Calypso.

Today, Alicia is an American citizen. She desires to reveal many hidden treasures of Trinidad and Tobago, its Spice, and share one the best celebrations in the world: Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

Pack your luggage, let we go!

English: coat of arms of Trinidad and Tobago. ...

English: coat of arms of Trinidad and Tobago. Italiano: stemma di Trinidad e Tobago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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