SpiceofyourLife is the new blog of Alicia J. Alexander. Through this blog Alicia desire’s to share key information from Image Werks, LLC on the world of Business Development and Accounting. The information is practical and you, as an entrepreneur, can put it to use in growing your business.

All work and no play makes for a tired, boring person. Inasmuch as this saying is subjective, yet it is true. Alicia plans to add Spice to your life by sharing information from the Caribbean, in specific, Trinidad and Tobago, her homeland.

Currently, as an American citizen, Alicia J. Alexander enjoys a vibrant life being involved in her local community but also, communicating with other business leaders on a global scale. SpiceofyourLife enlightens you as to global experiences and opportunities.

Alicia invites you to take this spicy, executive journey with her on a daily basis beginning today, December 5, 2011.

Welcome aboard!