As the title of today’s post implies, “Today is a great day to Thankful!”
I express my gratitude to all my friends who stopped by for a visit today. I want to apologize for allowing this day to pass and not sharing meaningful information with you.
Many of you know that I am on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and, Empire Avenue. I have joined Google+ and I am loving it!
It is a great program for your circle of friends to share information.

Hence, my short blog today is about keeping in touch with your Customers at the level they are at. Customers want to know that the company where their money is spent is not just a “one day deal.” Who ever appreciated knowing that the relationship they are in engaged is a “one time hit me up?” I don’t and I am confident that you don’t either!

With this in mind, entrepreneurs and Business Owners alike, let’s communicate with our Customers on a level that they “own” their importance to our business and our lives. “No, we are not here for a one hit, we are your business and we are here for you as long as God deems us.” In business language, “we are a going concern.”

This communication on a daily is true Customer-centric business behavior.