Friends and visitors, we arrive at SpiceofyourLife’s first week accomplished. How exciting! I humble myself to share that I am amazed at the outstanding compliments that you have shared with me. Thank you.

TGIF! So many people celebrate this day of the week with this sentiment of relief, excitement and gratitude. However, as I declare TGIF among all, I am pensive to remind myself as a Businessperson and Entrepreneur, “should not everyday be greeted with same sentiment?” I am going to boldly step out and add to this exclamation… “TGIT! Thank God It’s Today!”

Indeed, Thank God it is today since, as Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs, we operate “going concerns,” not “one day wonders.” We must be mindful of our customers. Celebrate when they celebrate and console when they grieve. Our Customer-centric business behavior is the winning factor.

People have emotions. This is to say, although we as Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs feel a certain way about our product or service, “How does what we offer make the customer feel?” Are we allowing the customer to declare TGIT: Thank God it is Today? Or, are they begrudging the product or service? Or, maybe, the customer wants to vocalize their concern without opportunity? Not every customer is opinionated! People not only have emotions but, people share these emotions in different methods.

While we all declare TGIF, let us be mindful of our customers as Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs. Encourage your customers to share their sentiments while you listen intently. Allow the customer share their exact feeling via the tools you have to offer. And, respond with a heart-felt change promoting the opportunity to have your customer say, “TGIF and TGIT!”