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Marvelous Monday… TGIM!

Monday morning is often met with much chagrin and reluctance. However, may I introduce a new way to greet this day of the week, according to Eric Thomas, “TGIM!” That’s right, TGIM… Thank God it’s Monday!

As Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs, the excitement of Monday is a phenomenon to spread crosswise. The excitement of Monday builds the mission and vision of the product or, service we offer. And, the euphoria of Monday spreads to our staff, vendors and suppliers as well as customers. It is important to perform this duty of crosswise reveling in of Monday on a weekly basis.

The declaration: “TGIM!”… Thank God it’s Monday is a passion felt so strongly that it is contagious. Everyone who comes in contact with you receives a dose of a healthy person and an encouraging, empowering spirit. When we as Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs act according to this knowledge, it frees us to rise above situations and circumstances escaping the chagrin others may feel about Monday.

As we, Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs, convert our thinking from chagrin and reluctance to euphoria regarding Monday, this marvelous day of the week, let us ponder all the great opportunities we have to continue our enterprise through focusing on our customers. Monday is refocus our thinking on customer-centric behavior. Monday is recommit the product or service you offer to your customers in beneficial ways. The reward is the customer will return and participate in your business.

Eric Thomas: TGIM!