TGIT! Learning to Wait…

Greetings, friends and visitors: May I take this time to apologize for missing yesterday’s posts. However, I have exciting updates. I converted the introductory post:

“Hello World” to a Page with additional information. Also, I gave a very sexy heading to share succinctly what the website/blog is about.

Ever wonder why you may hear “buzzing” in your ears when you are attempting to have a quiet, thoughtful moment? This ‘buzzing’ is called anxiety. It is due to the hurried, fast-pace lifestyle that many of us choose to live. The remedy is to find something good to ponder on allowing ourselves to gain a sense of peace and direction.

Pondering on the good or, “Waiting” allows us to experience peace and gain a strong footing in our daily interaction with staff and customers. It is when we as Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs allow ourselves the few minutes of meditating on the good things God has done for us in our daily lives or business interactions that we can find new strength and direction. This is “Peace.”

In a “Peaceful” environment, a businessperson or, entrepreneur has the freedom to create and move forward. Peace acts as an umpire, declaring…”Let’s play ball.” Peace leads to positive direction and communication with those around you especially, governing positive, Customer-centric behavior. Peace allows us to masquerade with elegance and “revelry of life and exuberance.” Peace allows us, as businesspeople and entrepreneurs, to enjoy our business dealings and to encourage others to enjoy life.

Peace is a forward-moving force which creates momentum. When we purposely meditate on good things, this peace will produce a “soar like an eagle” action and cause us to rise above every circumstance and situation.

Today, let us choose a moment to pause and meditate on good things in order to rise above and soar like eagles in the midst of forecasting and planning. Especially, when  interacting with customers during the busy season. Let’s keep positive, customer-centric business behavior as the focus. With the “Peace” momentum, let’s soar like eagles.