On December 14, I shared about “Peace” and “Learning to Wait.” I would like to follow yesterday’s post with “Do you listen?” Listening intently is the crux of today’s post.

Meditating on the good things of God creates a peaceful environment. But, more importantly, the sense of inner direction and forward momentum manifests. When you receive this direction, forward momentum, do you listen and follow its leading? This is the revelation that God is with you. Or, do you stifle it as lasts night’s cold pizza or, a bad cup of coffee? Image Werks, LLC can resolve the bad coffee issue through the Ganoderma coffee revolution at SpiceofyourLife.OrganoGold.com but, that is another lesson for, now, the subject is listening.

As Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs, we have a tremendous responsibility to staff, colleagues, and especially, our customers. How can we fulfill this responsibility if we do not allow ourselves to follow our peaceful inner beings? In other words, are we listening to the peaceful spirit within us to lead us into prosperous interactions? For those who can retort with a joyful “yes!” This is great! For those of us who question the very tenet, ask yourself “are you meditating?” If so, upon what do you meditate? I suggest that meditating upon the goodness of God and all He has accomplished in your life, business or personal, leads you to a place where you can receive direction. To this direction, I recommend you listen. It is your resolve to many situations and circumstances. It sure triumphs over worry!

The foundation of beneficial Customer-centric behavior is “listen to your customer and act accordingly.” Yes, engaging the customer requires listening to verbal cues as well as nonverbal cues. It is through this purposeful and intentional listening that we as Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs are able to allow the current of change to run through the very product or service our customers require with ease. Listening to the customer retains your customer and grows your business based on your customer’s need and actions. You will know and be able to anticipate the need just from listening. It is the wise businessperson or entrepreneur who listens and acts according to the customer whom he or she serves.
God gave us a physical body, spirit and soul; we should tend to each part of our being by nourishing it on the good things God has provided for us. Not only nutrition through food and drink for the body but also, nourishment of the soul through meditating on the goodness God provides for us in every realm of life. Because of this goodness, we as Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs should schedule time to meditate and listen.