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This week was a great week with so many opportunities to meditate, enjoy peace, and, to listen to the spirit within us on how to move forward. With all this activity, I would like to ask, “Are you ready to see what God has for you?” Truly, these instructions are not without a purpose. The purpose is the God of all creation wants to work in us and through us excellent and magnificent deeds. God wants to empower us as Business people and Entrepreneurs to actively lead in our  communities and enterprises.

Understanding this purpose, I ask, “Are you ready?” The anticipation of the great deeds and manifestations can be overwhelming if a person is not in a peaceful environment. However, due to meditating, waiting, and listening to the spirit of peace within us, it is very possible to answer with a loud and resounding, “Yes! I am ready.” Now, the journey continues into a new realm of possibilities.

Life’s journey is a forward moving voyage with opportunities and revelations of the person we are called to be. It is how we prepare for the road ahead that indicates whether or not we will see with our spirit eyes and physical eyes the joy ahead of us. It is in the daily preparation of our complete being that we have a chance to experience the euphoria and excitement of the journey. Euphoria and excitement are galvanizing forces that yield a bounty of good at the appropriate time on the journey. Contemplating this experience, I ask you, “Are you ready?”

As, Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs, we must do our part on a daily basis to be ready. We have a responsibility to staff, colleagues, and especially, customers. We must be mindful; we are leaders regardless, of momentary personal perception. There is a purpose in our activities for the enterprise we manage daily and the people in our care. The mission and vision of the activities we maintain are not capricious. With this in mind, it is for our excellence that we declare, “Yes, I am ready for Life’s journey.”