I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking!
Body and soul, I am marvelously made!

I worship in adoration—what a creation!

Psalm 139:14,16,         The Message Bible

The holidays are closely upon us; in fact, there are 6 days until Christmas. I am experiencing a blissful, peace. Today, I want to share on “Beholding the Marvelous.” The scripture passage: Psalm 139:14, 16 encourages us: Business people, and Entrepreneurs, to thank God for the creation we are. He, God, has crafted us in his image; therefore, we are marvelously made!

Business people and entrepreneurs, as marvelously created beings, we have a responsibility to behold the marvelous in our colleagues, staff, customers, and equally important, ourselves. When we make a conscious decision to behold the marvelous beings that we are, the result should not be a conceited, arrogant persona but, a tribute to the Majesty who created us. As beings created in his image, we have awesome talents.

The primary talent that we possess is the ability to create. Whether it is an environment, a craft, a product, an enterprise, we create. As Deity created each one of us marvelously, we as Business people and entrepreneurs, are to behold the marvel of our creation. Our creation bolters wonder, not by words as humans to God but, by splendor to others who see the created element. An emphatic, declaration of beauty demonstrates the creative essence to our being. Indeed, our colleagues, staff, and especially the customers we serve will declare, “How marvelous!”

The best Customer-centric business behavior we can produce is to give our total being into the manufactured or, serviced item. It is at this time, we are utilizing the Deistically imparted talent: “creating.” With this in mind, the result of our creative talents for the customer must speak, excellence! The result will be a happy customer, and the reward of business relationships from returning customers, as well as recognition from colleagues and staff.