Who Do You Rely On?.

Forecasting and planning; mission and vision; marketing and selling, these are among the duties of an Entrepreneur or, that a Business person must undertake.  The difficulty is how to undertake these responsibilities and fulfill them successfully? As Business people and entrepreneurs do we trust our instincts? Is there a formula to which we may subscribe? Are we self-sufficient? Or, is there a Master Creator to all we behold? I ascribe, “Yes, there is a Master, Creator.” Although, we may use some inner instinct, the greatest trust in this Master Creator: God.

As stated in Proverbs 3:5, 6 He, the Master, Creator, is trustworthy. We are not self-sufficient but, as wise Business people and entrepreneurs, we are to rely on God for the strategy, skill, as well acumen to build, develop and deliver a quality product or, service to the customers we serve.

The conscious reliance upon God is confidence building and nurturing. This means when we as Business people and entrepreneurs embark into a journey of new situations and unforeseen circumstances, we are not alone. The Master, Creator has our path in his sight and if we trust him, he leads us on a successful adventure. With this knowledge, it is easy to employ faith for the voyage. The voyage becomes one of expectation rather than, doldrums, for we know in whom we rely upon.

The epitome of good Customer-centric business practice is acting as the Master, Creator who made all things enjoyable for humanity. In this light, we as Business people and entrepreneurs are to make our product or service with excellence for our customers to enjoy; as well as, for our staff and colleagues to revel with amazement.

A Business person or entrepreneur’s reliance is not solely upon oneself but, on the Master, Creator who gives direction and empowers him/her to excel in their chosen art with customers, colleague and staff.