The last few days have been exciting in reviewing my the text: Leading at a Higher Level. While the mission is to acquire my grade for the grad class at Grand Canyon University. This information within the text is amazing. The subject for today is…


Empowerment is the fuel of successful companies. Empowerment is to encourage employees to bring their brains to work and utilize knowledge, experience, and motivation to create  a healthy triple bottom line.

~Empowerment quotes of the author, Ken Blanchard.~

  • Leaders of the best run companies know that empowering people create positive results that are just not possible when all the authority moves up the hierarchy and managers shoulder all the responsibility for success.
  • The key to empowerment is giving the opportunity to allow people to prove the power within them.
  • The power displayed by individuals focus on organizational outcomes such as outstanding customer service and finance goals, serving the greater good.
  • Fundamentally, organizations work best when they can depend on individual contributors who take the initiative to go beyond problem spotting to problem solving.

Stages for creating a culture of Empowerment:

  1. A “heart” paradigm shift.
  2. An incubator of knowledge, experience, and motivation on the behalf of the employees.
  3. Accountability from direct reports.

Empowerment takes more than a minute.~Ken Blanchard

The 3 Elements of Empowerment:

  1. Information: Empowers, promotes an ownership mentality and perspective.
  2. Trust: mutually ascribed among Leadership and Team players
  3. Organizational learning: application of acquired knowledge, internal/external planning and tracking, open communication.

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