T.G.I.M: Got To or, Get To?

What is your positional attitude in this life? Got To or, Get To? We all have responsibilities and challenges that we face on a daily basis. It is our positional attitude which makes the difference in your abilities to undertake and accomplish great feats. I recommend that we make the right decisions and be a “Get To people.” The following is a small list of thing that you make not value but we as people “Get To” accomplish these feats on a daily basis.

We GET To:

  • Breathe air
  • Wake up in the morning
  • Face another day
  • Know our Creator personally
  • Eat a meal
  • Love a family member
  • Love a friend
  • Contribute positively to Society, even if it is just a “smile.”
  • Walk
  • Talk
  • Live
  • Rest
  • Pray
  • Go to sleep
Please do not take what we “Get To” do for granted.
Enjoy your today!

Watch, Think about and Enjoy the Video below: