Do not allow Fear to paralyze you. Don’t be afraid to fight. Use the talent God gave you and “do it afraid.” as spoken by Joyce Meyer.

Don’t listen to the fear… don’t let it stop you… keep walking forward in Faith.

There is “greatness” in you!

There is going to be a fight but , fight and put for the struggle to achieve your Success!

Do not quit! Greatness is inside of you!

Fight your way through it! Stay in the struggle and Achieve your dream. Never stop, Never quit, Never give in!

Nothing is impossible… it is past possible: there is no way that you cannot achieve you dream! It is past possible.

The probability of you accomplishing your dream is way beyond possible than the of  odds not accomplishing your dream!

It is way past the odds… It past possible.

This is the fight of your dreams. You can accomplish your dream!

Without sacrifice and struggle, it is not possible. Stay in the fight… The fight of your life!, ET, the Hip-Hop Preacher.