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Now the rest of the story… “Redefining the Grind.”

Now the rest of the story…

  • “Redefining the Grind.” The Guru and Young man story…

The secret to success is wanting Success as much as you want to breathe.~Eric Thomas, The Hip-Hop Preacher

  • The “Commitment”… Make the Vow to lifetime commitment! Paying the praying with effort, with Sweat, with blood, with the essence of your internal being.
  • If you and wholeheartedly confess, “I want it as bad as I want to breathe,” it’s on! It is time for the “Test of Life.”
  • The “Test of Life” is the commitment to re-invent yourself; to morph in a being you may not know at present but, you will be grateful later for later.
  • The issue of “Sleep” is the issue of “How Bad Do You Want It? Do you want it as bad as going a “few” days without sleep to get the job done with no half-stepping?
  • The real issue is “No Days Off!” Recognize each day is one more step to making that dream your reality!
  • The real issue is about gaining the competitive edge. It is about separation, “those who can endure and those who cannot.”
  • When the load is heavy and you feel you have had all you can bear,

“P-U-S-H Beyond” into your “Glory!”