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Good morning Friends,

Through tears, I am thanking God for Salvation! I realized God’s goodness to so many including my family and myself yesterday morning. 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, God is good. Follow Him, Friends you will never live to regret it.

Truck fire destroys Old Grist Mill Historic… building being demolished after crash (Please click and view)

Sunday was an incredible experience! As many may know my family and I attend Faith Christian Center church in Seekonk, MA. We pass this restaurant on our way to church and returning from church weekly. On 6/24, my family and I were driving to our usual route on Fall River Avenue, when we approached the area to proceed and arrive at Faith Christian Center, there were road blocks, ok. So my dad turn up on route 44 to take an alternative route, approaching the back way, the road again was blocked, ok. My inquisitive mouth exclaimed, “What is going on?” “At, 7:30 AM Sunday morning, who does not want us to arrive at Faith Christian Center?” Too make a long story short, we had to turn back around and From Seekonk,MA, take route 44 back into East Providence, RI and take the Waterman Avenue route to arrive to church. We arrived without problem. It was on the way home from church, the found the route was blocked again and took the same route to return home. I had a feeling something awful happened but to know through the news what happened to a beloved, historic restaurant that my family and I pass on a weekly basis, Sunday morning, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to arrive at church, I am devastated!

Mr. Greg Esmay, we are so sorry. We are praying for you. I know you will rebuild but the hurt you are experiencing now… I can only imagine it! I, personally, am devastated and go before the Father on your behalf to ask for all the funds, insurance companies, workers to come together on your behalf. I also thank for the salvage of the sign and 12 ducks (according the reporter). If there is anything else that can be salvaged, I ask the Father that you would receive it as soon as possible. I am truly sorry. Please continue with your plans to rebuild. In Christ Jesus name, Amen.

I am thankful for a picturesque route to attend Faith Christian Center church on Sunday mornings. I am praying for George Esmay and the staff on The Old Grist Mill Tavern Restaurant. Only to think my teen want to embark on a Culinary Arts career, life journey! My E. want to eventually, own her a restaurant, also.

May The Father protect all restaurant owners this day (yesterday) and everyday! I pray The Father perfect that which concerns you…

Psalm 138: 8 The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, endure forever—forsake not the works of Your own hands.

Remember to pay your favorite restaurant a visit and show appreciation. “You may never know how much encouragement it will bring.” ~ Alicia J. Alexander