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Good Morning Friends!

Happy Social Media Day!

To celebrate, Image Werks, LLC is shining the spotlight on selected Social Media features today… Enjoy!

To begin with the long anticipated… iShoes!

So what do think? What did you think iShoes had some thing to do with AAPL? Steve left those for his wife. These obviously are my Independence Day Shoes! Celebrating Independence Day this week. Happy Birthday, America!

As I do the usually Google search, I find my true sentiment for how I feel about today! I trust I am not alone in this feeling!

Being a Female, I like other females enjoy pretty flowers.  View this photographic capture by my friend Louis…

Turning to my favorite island in the world, Trinidad and Tobago. How could I not show my costume for Trinidad and Tobago Style Carnival! Taking place in Boston, MA 8/24 – 8/25 weekend! “Allyuh, Play Mas!”

Carnival Celebration

My Carnival Costume

 Lastly the #1 Gospel Reggae, Dance Hall and Soca (TT) Dj… Dj MicKEY! on ISAAC981.com.