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Image Werks, LLC shines the spotlight on M & A Rainmaker, Mr. Chris Windley.

Enjoy the article on Mr. Chris Windley!

M & A Rainmaker Mr. Chris Windley

Chris has extensive experience of the High Technology world ( particularly computer networking, convergence and unified communications ) but also of the Hospitality industry, the Marketing industry and other leading edge industries. In recent years he has been an active ( Business ) Social Networker.

Following the exit from Voyager Chris became a Business Angel and invested in a number of High Tech and Hospitality Businesses. There have been further successes and some failures amongst these investments. All of them have provided experience of starting, building and exiting from businesses.

The bulk of this site will focus on selling your business and areas that relate to this.

We will also deal with Buying a Business and Raising Finance for a Business and some other specific areas such as “ Re-organising your Sales Team “ which often arise as issues during a review of the business with a sale in mind. ( p.s. sorry it’s taking a while to complete some of these pages ).

Chris will ask industry experts that he has met in his life to contribute to this blogsite as and when appropriate.

Within “ Selling your Business “ we put forward a check list of areas to be addressed when selling your business. Each of these areas are discussed. We also touch on very related areas such as creating business value, the difference between a lifestyle and exit route business and valuing your business.

It is hoped that over time the site will be refined and developed through feedback and input from those who look at it including my business colleagues and friends.

A business sale is usually handled by a “ Mergers and Acquisitions specialist “ in an accounting or law firm. A “ Rainmaker “ is usually the term given to the person within those firms ( often a partner ) who talks to clients who propose to sell or float their business or who want to raise finance or who want to buy other businesses. Hence the title of M&A RainMaker for this site as we aim to help people who want to sell their company, raise finance for their company or buy other companies.

On an informal basis Chris probably knows more about the law than most lawyers and more about Internet Marketing than most Internet Marketers – this makes him a great person to have on your side and a formidable enemy.

I have had the pleasure to be coached by Mr. Windley, himself and learned a valuable Infographic which I now share with you.

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