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Greetings! Thank you for your patience for Monday and Tuesday. Well, at Image Werks, LLC, we are back on track. I have learned for me, that Monday and Tuesday are my problem-solving days. Is it the same for you? Chapter 3 is a great chapter learning techniques for doing just that: solving the problem.

Chapter 3 – One Question, One Question Only

Purpose – To make decisions quickly

Technique – The “One Question, One Question Only” method involves asking yourself a “yes” or “no” answer question. The question is a “Cheerleader” question. Is it designed to be motivational and spur you on in a solo-activity. In this technique the answer you arrive at should come from a secure soul (mind, will and emotions) area within you. No vacillation allowed!

In Practice:

In Business life or personal life, are confronted with a situation that requires resolve? Basically, are you in a conundrum?

  1. Ask yourself a pointed question that requires a “Yes or, No” answer regarding the problem.
  2. Listen to your soul for the answer. Is it a “Yes or, No?” You must be honest with yourself.
  3. If, you have been honest with yourself, you have your answer.

It is this easy, and no grappling with your soul. Now, it is time to execute. It may take some time to arrive a comfort level of asking yourself the question only once without second guessing yourself but, you will arrive and the technique will become easy for you ask the “Yes or No” and to execute the answer.

With difficult question that truly affect the soul, (again: mind, will and emotions), it is your core values which is the compass for your “Yes or No” self-inquiry. Remember, you must trust yourself to ask that pointed “Yes or, No” question and execute the answer.

Environments of soul-searching or discomfort within, usually is when this type of “Yes or No” questioning happens. If something produces an inquiry of “a change must take place now” within you, ask the pointed “Yes or No” question and do not vacillate execute.

Examples of soul-searching inquiries:

  • Is it  the work? Yes or No.
  • Is it the family? Yes or No.
  • Is it your health? Yes or No.
  • Is it the marriage? Yes or No.
  • Is it your financial scenario? Yes or No.
  • Is it nerves, physical pain (i.e headaches, migraines and the such)? Yes or No.
  • Is it the dress size, shoe size, or belt size? Yes or No.
  • Is it the time commitment to your activities or the family’s activities? Yes or No.
  • Is it the particular skill needed to complete a task at work? At home? Yes or No.
  • Is it a lack of peace within? Yes or No.

Detecting the “it” 95% of the time will lead you to the “what” needs to be done to make a change.                

“Soul”-utions and Solutions

Knowing the “it” will lead you to the “what.” The solution to the problem, when discovered, must be executed. You must not be capricious or vacillate. Be brave and execute!

The solution does not have to be major. It can be very simple. For example, your “it” a lack of skill for a task at work, look into an evening/weekend class for the particular skill.

If, your “it:” is your health, schedule a doctor’s appointment for a consultation or physical. The solution does not always bring a major life change but, you will know the remedy and, you must carry it out.

When to ask the “Yes or No” Question

Ok, so we know we are supposed to ask the “Yes or No” but, when?

Before you fall asleep is generally a great time. This process allows the mind to process and when you awake the “what” solution will be clear. This technique might take time to develop but,  it is a problem-solving technique which provides ease to your mind. The resolve can come to you in various ways: a dream, a premonition, upon awaken, a guided meeting (no such thing a co-incidental in this process) or, at an event. The best time to use this technique is when there is high stress from multiple inner-questions.

Whatever the circumstance, or when you decide to ask yourself the precise “Yes or No” question, learn to trust yourself with the answer and act, do not doubt. You will be happier for believing in yourself.