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Image Werks, LLC continues to review the Business handbook, “Decide! How to Make Any Decision.”

Chapter 4 – Ask Ask  Ask

In review, we learned…

Chapter 1 Movement

Chapter 2 Creating and Sharing Lists

Chapter 3 Inquire of our soul and to trust the answer the soul delivers

 Technique: ASK to confirm or verify suitability of a decision

 The Scenario – Ask, Most people experience difficulty in this area whether with self or others.

Where did this difficulty begin? As a child were you aware of rejection and being denied? Because of being denied and experiencing rejection, the experience created self-reliance and timidity to “Ask.”

Life’s journey becomes a consciousness of “not having” or, lack.

Some resulting emotions are:

  • Guilt – derived from proceeding without permission
  • Horror – derived from punishment for proceeding

Mature Adults have “Permission Slips.”

  • The “permission” to ask: although we may experience denial or rejection the point is the question was “ASKed.”
  • Fear may set in due to the anxiety of having a strong, “No.”

A childhood of “No’s” may cause you to live in an adulthood of “Nevers.”

During Childhood, the “Ask” ability is:

  • limited to the child’s immediate world of people
  • Little “world” contact
  • The “world” of a child develops and expands.

Because to the childhood development process:

  • Asking may be uncomfortable
  • Vulnerable feeling
  • Experience a consciousness of being “Incomplete.”

Adulthood: The remedy for the childhood development process is:

  • Be strong enough “Ask” others for things, items.
  • A paradigm shift may be warranted, “Rejection is not personable.”
  • Ask for items either professional or personal that you may need.


By phone:

  • Make inquiries from establishments
  • Practice approach
  • Develops confidence

In person: practice with a stranger at a:

  • Department store or,
  • Restaurant

By asking for service, it helps to develop “the inner person” developing the self-image into a stronger individual.