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Image Werks LLC continues on the Business Book “Decide! How To Make Any Decision”

Chapter 5 – See It To Be It

Technique – Visualize: The ability to envision yourself at the highest level you wish to achieve. Simply, it is the ability to bring about change and create a new reality through seeing the end goal.

Visualizing can be very effective!

The following are techniques used by Professionals.


  1. Stress Management: See yourself in a peaceful place. Use your mind to envision a mental vacation.

(May I recommend visiting the Caribbean via SpiceofyourLife, A Business Blog.)

This escape may assist in easing the mind.

2. To escape fear over a situation, use your mind to think on the pleasant.

See yourself as a happy adult, making quality decisions.


Visualization – The process of pausing to use your mental capabilities to see your goal especially, when you are in a difficult place.

When you are faced with being in a difficult, frustrating place in your life, apply these techniques we learned from earlier chapters:

  1. Pause: Take a minute if necessary go for a walk and start moving. Exercise to   clear the mind!
  2. Write out what is happening. Make a list.
  3. Ask – yourself “Yes or No” questions
  4. Ask – An Expert on the subject
  5. Visualize – See things in your environment changing

Following this process helps to guide you to a new, better place.

Visualizing builds your belief ultimately creates “Faith to achieve your goal!”

Career Counselors

In acquiring your chosen career, visualization teaches to see yourself employed.

It begins with you, “See Yourself” in your approach.

The key is to see your achieving your goal.

Follow this process…

  1. See yourself dressing for work
  2. See yourself… Patiently waiting for the Recruiter or Hiring Manager.

This patience and calmness will assist in the interview process.

The best time to practice this form of visualization is the night before the interview or, first thing in the morning. Remember, to coach yourself on the way to the interview.

In the visualization process you want to see:

  1. Receive communication from the Employer
  2. The receipt of the “Congratulations you got the job” letter or, phone call.

The benefits of… Visualization

  1. It’s Free!
  2. It is a positive, non-harmful process.
  3. Non-discriminatory! Anyone can visualize.
  4. Start Immediately
  5. No time restrictions
  6. Keeps the mind process to achieve your reality
  7. A lifetime process – you can use this process throughout your lifetime, it is ongoing.

Beginning Visualization

  • Imagine yourself in a comfortable and peaceful place .
  • When you achieve a comfortable state, expand the vision ad see yourself in a new environment, where you would like to exist. You must believe that you belong in this place.
  • Visualize the picture of the surroundings

 The process

This process allows you to be creative.

Visualizing this new environment begins the process of “Follow the yellow brick road” activity.

You will experience the following changes:

  • Attitude – The way you think governs your actions. Hence, “Change your Attitude and your actions will follow.” ~ A.J. Alexander
  • Opportunity – your road will lead you to a place of Success for what you have visualized. No, this is not an over-night process, all good things take time.
  • Reality – “The mind meets reality and reality meets your mind.” The accomplishment of  what you visualized.

Visualization is

  • Only the beginning to create your new reality
  • A motivator to propel you forward into your new reality.
  • A boundaries guide – Visualizing assists in help you know what you will and will not accept in your life.
  • A manager of performance – Visualizing the new reality draws your mind and body into the new reality you see.

Obstacles to overcome…

  • Doubt – doubt cancels the process. You must believe to have a “mind-reality” creation, an accomplished visualization experience.
  • Develop Your Will – Your belief structure  must be trained and developed to bring about your reality through visualization.
  • Childhood experiences – As adults, we can all located an unfulfilled desires or goals. Do not allow this experience to govern your actions as an adult.

These areas are key to

  1. Recognize and,
  2. Focus on to correct

The best way to accomplish these two points is “Forgive.”

“Worry does not solve anything!”

Visualize to discard worry.


  1. A problem requiring an immediate remedy
  2. Visualize putting the problem away in a box.
  3. See you ( you are the one who must accomplish this) sealing the box shut.
  4. Place this box in the closet away from sight
  5. Close the door, locking the door is the completion to worry

This process brings resolve to the mind. Closing worry in  a box and putting it away from you sets the boundary of returning to “worrying” about the situation.

 Additional techniques

 Time Limits


Cash Flow case study

In financial matters, you may need a full week to resolve some matters.

  • Monday – “Don’t Worry”- message to self
  • By Friday (with diligence) the solution appears.

Not sure about Visualizing?

If, you need help with Visualization, there is always the library.

It may be a trial and error experience on finding the right person/voice for “Guided Imagery” but, be persistent, do not give up!

During the “Guided Imagery” search process, you may need to encounter a few tools and personalities but, you will find the precise voice or style for you.

Failure is not an option!

Do not worry about the visualization process. There is not just one way to achieve “the visualizing to create your reality” process.

In visualizing you do not have to complete an entire scenery. If you cannot see the “Big Picture,” visualize the part that you can see. Visualizing in part will lead to a full picture.

Visualizing works for many areas of life

  • Work environment
  • Your Future
  • Pain – physical or mental

“It is our belief in ourselves that creates the opportunity where none exists in the present.”

Begin Today!

Begin today to create that positive radar for your world. Become what you see for your personal life! Through visualization, there is no limit to creating and/or change your world.

See It to Be It!

For my fellow Believer in Christ Jesus

Here is the perfect example of our Lord’s visualization process,

Hebrews 12:2 [AMP]

Looking away [from all that will distract] to Jesus, Who is the Leader and the Source of our faith [giving the first incentive for our belief] and is also its Finisher [bringing it to maturity and perfection]. He, for the joy [of obtaining the prize] that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising and ignoring the shame, and is now seated at the right hand of the throne of God.