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Decide! How To Make Any Decision

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Chapter 6 The Days of Doubt

These are the days when Murphy’s Laws governs your entire day or, at least, it feels this way. Your belief in yourself is fully tested. The question always centers on your judgment. The key is to have a strong belief system. This is the power to help you “hurdle” the doubt questions. (Please pardon the Olympic term, still celebrating Keshorn Walcott of Trinidad and Tobago; as well as, Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica as well others, all from the Caribbean.)

Characteristics of a “D Day”

  • An abundance of Murphy’s Law circumstances
  • A myriad of obstacles to “hurdle.”
  • Challenges to test your commitment your assignment, task, or the path set before you.

“D” Days – Days of Doubt occurrences

“D” Days can happen at any time along your journey of life.

  • The Beginning – Nervousness. A person is excited about the new vision. The doubt question: “Really?”
  • On the Journey – I believe but, nothing is happening. The doubt question: “Are you sure you did the right thing?”
  • “Just before Dawn” – Wow! I got the appointment. Oh no… the appointment got cancelled or rescheduled. The doubt question: “Was this just a dream?”

Going through the “D” Days process, a person may feel like, all the universe is laughing or testing you. Additionally, this feeling is emotionally humbling.

“D” Days realization

When you have a “D” Day on your journey, you will experience a lack of confidence. Plainly, doubt tries to build a nest in your soul: mind, will, and emotions.

There are two places where doubt can originate:

  1. Self – inner questions
  2. Others – questions and uncertainty directed from others to you

Doubt questions from others

Earlier we reviewed some inner questions. Now, let’s take a look at doubt questions directed to you from others.

When you announce your assignment, task or vision, do not expect everyone to give you a stand ovation. On the contrary, you may receive “psychological” inquiries.

These folks may even want to schedule a doctor’s appointment for you.

You may hear:

  1. “I am concerned about you.”
  2. “Gee, you worry me.”

These people may or may not be vocal about their doubt in you but, their actions certainly show it.

When you encounter these people coming toward you, and you read their name tags (figuratively) it may read:

“Hi may name is Mr. and/or Mrs. Doubt You. My job is to plant seeds of doubt in you, nothing more and nothing less. Your belief in yourself will be severely shaken by the time I leave your presence. So, may we engage?”

Since,  SpiceofyourLife is a Business Blog, exploring Leadership, Development and Caribbean Culture, I will share an expression in Caribbean Style. I invite you to share the response to Mr. and/or Mrs. Doubt You from your culture, provided there is not a swear term in the response. 

Caribbean response to “Mr. and/or Mrs. Doubt You.”

“These people are not my Boss! I close my mouth and I am moving forward. Forget them, I am leaving them alone.”

Human response to “Mr. and/or Mrs. Doubt You”

The natural, human response to Mr. and/or Mrs. Doubt You is…

  1. Anger
  2. Frustration

These feelings come from trying to defend your purpose. “Who said you have to defend your purpose, anyway? Especially, not to Mr. and/or Mrs. Doubt You!”

To feel that you have to explain your purpose is a trap door; do not fall in!

The best action to take with Mr. and/or Mr. Doubt You is to stand strong! Your stance is (or should be):

  1. “I believe in what I am doing.” Dig your heels in! Especially, if you are wearing platform heels.
  2. Develop a “just watch me” attitude. As we learn in Chapter 5, Your actions follow your attitude. In this case, your actions will follow you determination.

A new perspective:

“D” Days are your friend!

The best attitude to have on a “D” Day is…

  1. Recognize it. – Acknowledge when you begin to notice Murphy’s Law happening.
  2. Pause
  3. Go for a walk: Exercise.
  4. Ask yourself “Yes or No” questions
  5. Ask questions of an Expert someone who has been down the road you are traveling on
  6. Develop Determination! Do not agree with “Mr. and/or Mrs. Doubt You.” Stand strong and Believe!


A “D” Day may represent “The Days of Doubt” from challenges that come from

  1. Self (inner questioning)
  2. Others (Mr. and/or Mrs. Doubt You)

but, when you develop a decisive, determination and attitude, your “D” Day will represent “Demand Days.”

“Doubt Days become Demand Days when you truly believe in your purpose and command your environment to line up with what you believe.” ~ Image Werks, LLC