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Greetings! Image Werks, LLC now shifts its focus back to our work week’s mission of sharing, chapter-by-chapter, on the Business handbook, Decide! How To Make Any Decision by Karen Okulicz. The Author, Karen Okulicz, extends the offer to the SpiceofyourLife, A Business Blog, readers the purchase of this book at a “no shipping” discount. This is extremely generous and helpful as you may visit her sight learn about workshop opportunities.

Chapter 7 JUMP

Technique – Start moving in the direction of the vision for your life!

Jump in! Begin the process to attain your new destination even if, it is one step.

The change process may occur in the follow are of your life:
• Work
• Social
• Health
• Family
• Children
• Personal or Business Relationships

No movement = No change

Inner feelings
• Inward delay or feelings of “Too late” may manifest
• How is your self-perspective?
• What are the delays or failures that plague your mind from the past?

Some situations may not call for a bold action like a “jump” but, the point if to take a step in the right direction for a positive change.
You will like the result!

Shhh! It’s a secret
Not everyone, at all times, needs to know what you are doing.
You have those who are genuine and those who if they have the chance to “stab you in the back” then laugh about it, they will.
You have the permission to continue forward with your purpose, mission, and vision while disregarding other perspectives.
Sometimes “determination” may not need to be shared but, pondered upon and executed stealthily. Absolutely, beneath the Sonar! This is when you go into “007” mode.

The Journey
There are times when the road we journey on call for “Solitude.” This is not abandonment of others. It is an opportunity to be alone with God to receive direction, strength, and empowerment for the journey ahead. This “Solitude” is the time to be trained and suited up by the Ultimate General – God!

In order to achieve progress in this life, a person must be willing to Jump!
Simply begin the change process! Commence the task or vision need to move forward into the new place you visualize. Get it started, Jump!

We absolutely know, there is a beginning point, However, the ending point or, the accomplishment is Deistically determined. Yet, if you delay or find excuse not to begin, what can God finish? With this in mind, the point is to begin, Jump! Take action!

The Process
Begin! A person must start with research and execution of the plan by following up with a call, a visit, and interview something that moves you through the corridor into the point of your vision. Chapter 6, “See It To Be It” is pivotal in this process.

How to begin?,” you say.
Here are a few ways to Jump!
• Research – get material on your Vision!
There is always Google search or a Media Source (Online Newspaper) to help you get started.
• Volunteer – invest a few hours/ per week into the Vision, practically.
• Invest – a little at a time financially. Investment must center around, your time, your talent, and your treasure.
“ The wise person gives a little at a time to achieve success.”
Do not be “anxious” if you feel you are going slowly. It is better to test the environment than to be overwhelmed for not knowing how “stressful and challenging” it can be.

No choice but to Jump!
Sometimes situations in life, position you for a Jump! Here are a few scenarios to think about:
• Scenario 1: Having to make a split second decision on any work related topic especially, as an Executive.
• Scenario 2: Being locked out of an office or home and not having your briefcase with you; especially, if the Client is waiting.
• Scenario 3: Choosing to become an Entrepreneur.
• Scenario 4: Being an Executive with a disintegrating home and having to “jump” for your life out of an abusive relationship or marriage!
In each of these scenarios, life demands you to Jump!

Thank God “Jump(s)” will not always be forceful. However, a Jump will always require change from the old life to the new life.