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Greetings! Image Werks, LLCnow shifts its focus back to our work week’s mission of sharing, chapter-by-chapter, on the Business handbook,Decide! How To Make Any Decision by Karen Okulicz. The Author, Karen Okulicz, extends the offer to the SpiceofyourLife, A Business Blog, readers the purchase of this book at a “no shipping” discount. This is extremely generous and helpful as you may visit her sight learn about workshop opportunities.

Chapter 8 – The Timing of Things

Technique – gaining  understanding of changes and occurrences of life


Timing and timing of occurrences ( life’s situations) are important. Seasons are crucial. The understanding of “The Timing of Things” are pivotal to your visualization process and success. Not knowing the timing of situations in life can lead a person to feeling frustrated.

The Past

Past decisions that a person made, may not lead them to the reality that they visualized. Disappointment may result. However, a person may encounter recourse from this decision in order to redirect their path. However, the point is be flexible and allow for the growth and development process to occur.


If a decision centers around transitioning from a place of discomfort to  a state or enjoying comfort and satisfaction, this may or may not be an easy journey. However, the journey is well worth the undertaking. The visual in this scenario is what decision or journey must I undertake to move from the discomfort to the point I see myself comfortable and at rest.

Examples of this decision are:

  • A change in position
  • A change in residence or, residential location
  • A change in marital status

Being O.K.

Decisions do not have to be made in a single day. This is your life! It may take a day or two to make a final decision. Arriving at the decision-making process, may be a journey itself. The decision-making process may take 3, 6, or even 12 months. The important thing is, “It is your life. It is your decision. You are the person who are to be ok with the result.”

Being an Expert

Mastering the decision-making process is not a skill acquired overnight. Proceeding throughout the decision-making process, evokes emotion.

You may experience…

  • Disillusion
  • Bewilderment
  • Dismay
  • Uncertainty

However the point is, when a person learns to master the decision-making process, you will overcome the unsure emotions and become confident and self-assured.

The Key

Be patient, you will gain knowledge and understanding as your proceed through the decision-making maze. The pivot is when you become knowledge regarding, “The Timing of Things.” It is a process!