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“What Happens During Your Week at CEO Space?”

At A glance – The Organization…

Five times a year – March, May, July, September/October and December – members gather at the CEO Space cooperative marketplace, training, and trade show to foster business relationships and deal making, as well as to be mentored by top consultants. Connections are made through cooperative networking, focused meals, “See-Me” cards, In-room presentations, 1-on-1 meetings, and an Expo trade show.

The Young People, too…

FEAST Teen Program

At the December, March and July events, an entrepreneurial and personal development course for teens is offered in conjunction with the adults’ event. The FEAST Teen Program has become famous for lighting a fire under disenchanted teens. Teens develop new attitudes and strong motivation to explore their dreams – in addition to receiving first-rate entrepreneurial skills – in the FEAST Teen Program. We empower your children, or other teens you mentor, to discover their gifts and bring them to the world.

Lifetime Membership – Your one-time membership fee » guarantees you lifetime membership with access to over 70,000 members in 140 countries.

What Happens During Your Week at CEO Space?

SNAP Networking – You will participate in guided networking activities that will allow you to make hundreds of valuable connections in a very short time.

CEO Space Mentor College – You will participate in classes and trainings conducted by consultants to Fortune companies, top law firms, and more. Wherever your learning gap is, you will gain the knowledge you need to grow your business in its appropriate sequential steps.

Bonus Classes – If you are new to raising capital, IP protection, capital compliance, etc. when you enroll make it your priority to arrive early and attend the bonus classes that are offered the two days before each CEO Space event.

Meals – No time is wasted! Meals are provided from dinner on Tuesday through dinner on Friday. You will pitch your project in order to make vital connections during these 10 working meals, as well as during 15 breaks that include refreshments.

“See-Me” Cards – You will set appointments with other members during and after CEO Space for immediate hot lead referrals and deal-making using the special “See-Me” follow up cards provided at the event. Address labels featuring your photo and contact information area may be purchased in advance or at the event. These labels are the quickest way to get your information onto a “See-Me” card and ensure that your contact information is legible.

In-Room Presentations – You can attract the interest of potential investors, clients, and joint venture partners by offering Evening In-Room Presentations. We encourage you to experience many evening presentations so that you can learn how they are conducted.

1-on-1 Meetings – You can set up private meetings with other members when classes are not in session. It is requested that you pay for your own food individually during private meetings.

EXPO – You can showcase your company’s products and services at the CEO Space Expo for an additional fee. The Expo is a Saturday afternoon event that is attended by the hundreds of people who will be a part of your class, plus the groundswell of hundreds of more CEO Space graduates who return the final weekend.

Helpful Hints – The energy and excitement will build to a very high peak as you start making your incredible connections. It can be easy to forget to take care of the needs of your body. We encourage you to eat, rest, and do the things you normally do to take care of yourself so that you are fully able to enjoy the CEO Space experience. Once you join, you will find more helpful hints on your Pre-Class Preparation website.

What to Bring – Dress is comfortable business attire. Bring at least 500 business cards, your date book, and all of the accoutrements you would normally keep with you to conduct your business. You might choose to bring vitamin-boosting supplements as well.

0912 Class September 23 – 30, 2012
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