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The 13th Apostle, a best selling novel by Rhode Island Author Raina C. Smith.

Father Joseph, a devout priest with a sad but inspirational backstory, living in Rome, discovers a secret scroll at the Vatican. The scroll is written by a man, believed by a select few, to have been a mysterious thirteenth apostle of Christ.

The secret scroll leads Father Joseph to believe, the end of days for man is here and he is compelled to go on a quest to save the soul of mankind.

Unbeknownst to the Father, Glenn, an angel from the highest order of heaven, has descended to earth to determine if man has finally emptied his soul of purity of heart of his own free will. If so, man’s demise is imminent. Glenn’s work is interrupted when the underworld sends Falene to place a well thought out, diabolical wager with the angel; find the last soul on earth with the purest of heart then turn him or her over to her to be tested. In no other way could the true resolve of mankind be measured. Glenn accepts the bet. If he loses, then all of humanity will be turned over to hell, the abode of the devils where the wicked dwell.

The 13th Apostle begs readers to consider whether mankind is inherently good or evil and where they fall along that often very fine line.
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