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       Internal vs External Influencer MarketingChris Arnold

As we learn more about this new industry of influencer marketing we start to build our glossary and refine our definitions of its constituent parts. I’d like to offer two sub-types of influencer marketing: Internal and External


This activity revolves around a company’s existing customer base. Using historical transaction records it’s possible to do some smart maths gymnastics and figure out who influences whom and who has the greatest influence. It’s a superb way to engage and energize known customers.

But what if you don’t have this transactional history? What if your customers never interact with you in such a direct way? What if you’re a startup with no transactional history yet? This is when external influencer marketing is useful.


This involves targeting individuals that aren’t necessarily existing customers. The idea is to go to an external channel with the aim of attracting new customers to your business. Taking an influencer marketing approach allows you to focus your finite resources on individuals most likely to give you the best return on investment.

Which of these methods have you tried? How effective did you find it? How can either of these approaches be improved?
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