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Tzarul Nicolai – “The Barometer” Philosophy on Social Media Leadership

An individual becomes an influencer in social media because his/her interests are well aligned with those of his/her online community, this is the ideal case. From here this influencer has to be a real knight of the Round Table to resist any temptation of the marketers.

But, there is always a but, around this influencer, like around a bees hive there’s a big bear smelling the divine scent of the “honey”, in this case marketers. Marketers identify such influencers and engage them on various social media platforms in order to reach their communities with a message engineered to slip seamlessly into the conversation. No harm, no foul, particularly if the marketer’s interests are genuinely aligned with those of the community.

Tzarul Nicolai – “The Barometer’s” Projects

First is a special one called 1st Digital Sunrise ConferenceCannes Nov 22 – Nov 23, 2012. The conference is a seeding ground for executive networking and possible business connections into other European countries. What started with a proposal to the Digital Agenda is now taking a life of its own. I am honored to work for this unique project and I have joined sometime ago a wonderful group of selected members of the pan European social media initiative. To mention just a few of them, without forgetting any of distinguished members, I would open the list with Marita Roebkes, Co-Founder & President at Social Media Academy, Axel Schultze, CEO including xeeme.com/, Social Media Academy & Sobizco, Berrie Pelser, Buzz Master of the Project and many others.

Another one, close to my heart, is an awareness campaign about the natural beauties of my country Romania, a land of dream not enough promoted and visited, http://pinterest.com/tzarulnicolai/romania-imagoterra/ . This project will grow step by step and people in my country will be encouraged to discover social media.

http://universebookblog.blogspot.ro/ Here you will find old exquisite books, vintage postcards, worldwide coins and a lot more other art objects.

http://cocktailvintagebazaar.blogspot.ro/ They say that ” Torniamo all’antico e sara un progresso”…vintage objects for collectors are always tempting to have them.

http://vintageclothingtime.blogspot.ro/ Tutorials for restoration of art vintage clothes, easy how-to a lot of things are useful to get back in time away from the noise of the crowd.

I also have a lot of offline projects referring to art: old books, post cards, coins, paintings and old furniture auctions. This way I try to help art collectors of my country to join digital world to promote their interests.
Hope that future is close.

Connect with Tzarul Nicolai “The Barometer” of Social Media

…How far am I willing to go to change the world??? Ask me!!! Looking around I have noticed that social landscape is moving fast and has already a straight direction to a new global shape. I actually work hard to improve awareness about this new concept called social media. I strongly believe that social media is an ecosystem not a battlefield. I am an active social media volunteer, advocate and promoter of brands and individuals. I can guide you to organically understand the importance of social presence. I am an out-of-the-box thinker taking advantage of my endless enthusiasm. I am a sociable person ready to join every new project I trust, I am a fast learner and an eternal student learning from each pioneer of any new wave of transformation, technological, social, scientific. I am an excellent team player making priority of each project I join. My social presence is very dynamic and well organized through the best social presence manager that you can actually find now http://xeeme.com/TZARULNICOLAI/.

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