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An Accounting Information System (AIS) allows a business to keep track of all its business and accounting transactions and also to maintain record.

Combine Accounting and IT Skills in an Accounting Information Systems Degree

An Accounting Information System (AIS) allows a business to keep track of all its business and accounting transactions and also to maintain record. It assists a business to run smoothly, and in case of a problem, it provides a snapshot of what went wrong and where. In today’s world where businesses are becoming increasingly complex and international, such systems are even more integral to the effective functioning and monitoring of financial flows.

Six Components of AIS
* People who use the system such as CFOs, auditors etc.

* Procedure and instructions

* Data such as payroll information or vendor invoices

* Software

* Information Technology (IT) structure which is mainly the hardware

* Internal controls for security and protocols

As the need for these systems increase, so will the need for people who construct these programs and are experts at running them. AIS degrees are the best way to break into this field.

Skills Learnt In An AIS Degree

• Accounting & Financial Skills:

Since these systems are made specifically for accounting and financial control purposes, technicians have to have an in-depth understanding of accounting principles and concepts. They need to be able to communicate with accountants in their jargon and terms, and show that they truly comprehend the accounting world.

Communication Skills:

These skills are crucial as each program needs to be customized to suit the needs of the client. Unless you can understand the requirements of a specific business and get your point of view across successfully, the changes of getting business yourself are slim.

Interpersonal Skills:

Clients pay your bills and for that you have to compete with many other individuals in convincing the management that your program is the best out there and they will be making the right choice by hiring you. Without interpersonal skills that is not possible. Clients need impeccable customer service, in addition to a great product.

• IT and Programming Skills:

Of course, without these you wouldn’t be of much use. An AIS degree primarily teaches you network administration, database management, programming and IT skills.

• Innovation:

In addition to the basic skills you have to constantly update yourself regarding latest trends and be willing to innovate. Individuals who are able to offer the most cost-effective model that is in line with the latest technology are the ones who will be most successful.

Clients look for a system that is reliable, accurate and meets their accounting needs. If you can deliver that then the sky is the limit. But first you have to get an AIS degree. A number of colleges offer this degree, be wary of online programs that do not require a high school diploma or other educational qualifications; they might be in the business of making money rather than giving value.

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