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Seth Godin’s riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread.

                             Beauty vs. specs

There are two kinds of users/creators/customers/pundits.

Some can’t understand why a product or service doesn’t catch on. They can prove that it’s better. They can quote specs and performance and utility. It’s obvious.

The other might be willing to look at the specs, but he really doesn’t understand them enough to care. All he knows is that the other choice is beautiful–it makes him feel good. He wants to use it.

Acura vs. Lexus, Dell vs. Apple, New Jersey vs. Bali

You can have both specs and beauty, of course, but only if you work at it.

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English: Models of comic book artist Seth's Do...

English: Models of comic book artist Seth’s Dominion City, on exhibit at the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)