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Bill Bain breaks his silence…

“The unfair attacks are not worth responding to,” 75-year-old Bain & Company and Bain Capital founder Bill Bain told the Daily Beast, defending his business record publicly for the first time in an election where the firm has come under repeated scrutiny.

But Bain did comment on the collapse of some companies acquired by Bain Capital, which he tapped Mitt Romney to lead. President Obama has argued that Romney helped made a few people rich at the expense of working-class Americans.

“Business is a risk-reward proposition,” Bain said. “For over 28 years, Bain Capital has invested in many great success stories and some failures.”

He added, “most importantly,” Bain Capital “has maintained an overall record of creating significant value for our economy.”
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Bain's Kloof Pass

Bain’s Kloof Pass (Photo credit: Kalense Kid)