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So, Who is this Alicia J. Alexander?

  • Alicia J. Alexander is the Owner of Image Werks, Corporation based in
    English: This photograph shows the north facad...

    English: This photograph shows the north facade of the Rhode Island State House in Providence. It was taken on 2004-05-29. This resolution made available by personal consent of the photographer. Copyright 2004, Garrett A. Wollman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    the State of Rhode Island.

  • Alicia J. Alexander is a “Phenomenal” Publicist. She focuses on the Celebrity and/or Business Owner Client. She provides a platform for you, The Client, to share your story via SpiceofyourLife, A Business Blog.
  • Finally, but most importantly, Alicia J. Alexander is a Believer in Christ who deals justly in Business.

“As Alicia J. Alexander trusts in her God, You can trust Alicia J. Alexander.” Her credence statement.

SoundCloud Transcript:

Greetings Friends, Clients, and Future Clients:

I, Alicia J. Alexander, am excited to share with you new developments for The Image Werks, Corporation.

I, Alicia J. Alexander am in the final stage of reinstating the Image Werks, Corporation charter in the state of Rhode Island.

Over the 1.5 year, I, Alicia J. Alexander, had the amazing experience to acquire first-hand knowledge from so many you wonderful Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, as well as Celebrities. I understand the inward P-U-S-H to establish your Vision in the marketplace. I have taken the journey with many of you and will continue to journey with you.

It is my desire to demonstrate, in earnest, my friendship and corporate assistance through offering an opportunity for you to transact with Image Werks, Corporation.

Image Werks, Corporation invites you to share your story with the globe. SpiceofyourLife, A Business Blog is the vehicle for your message. With close to 300 posts in under one year re: Business, Leadership, and Development articles, your message is indeed “In the News!” and enjoyed globally.

Published by: Image Werks, Corp.
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