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Original Reuben Sandwich story, and my best Re...

Original Reuben Sandwich story, and my best Reuben Recipe on Light Rye bread (Photo credit: shannonpatrick17)

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Learn more about National Sandwich Day celebrated on November 3…

November 3, 2012 is National Sandwich Day

Today is a celebration of one of America‘s favorite foods: the sandwich! It is no coincidence that November 3 is also the birthday of John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. This 18th century English noble wanted to eat his meal with one hand during a 24-hour gambling event, so he instructed his servants to serve him his lunchmeat between two slices of bread. To commemorate the birth of the world’s first sandwich-maker, November 3 is now National Sandwich Day!

What’s the most popular sandwich in America? Why, the hamburger, of course! Chicken sandwiches are a close second. Buy your favorite sandwich at a local deli or make your own at home to celebrate National Sandwich Day!


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Flint and brick houses beside Chapel Lane – geograph.org.uk – 841497 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)