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Goal Accomplished!

It is a good feeling to accomplish a goal. But, to accomplish a goal based on a respected leader’s foresight is the greatest feeling in the world!

Thank you President Obama for being The President of The United States and awaken me to the fact that it very worthwhile to be a U.S. Citizen, in your first term. And, thank President Obama for winning your re-election! It is because of you that on July 18, 2011, I made the decision to become an American citizen and was sworn-in on October 27, 2011 with the #1 goal to be able to vote for you. I had in my heart, “I missed it the first time but, I would be insane to miss the opportunity to vote this second time!” I thank my Grandfather Nero and my Parents for having the foresight to bring me to this amazing America. I am so humbled to know so many great people; to have some many great friends; and to celebrate life on a daily basis. I love you God, above ALL, for allowing me to accomplish this goal and to witness this beautiful day!

I had in my heart, I missed it the first time but, I would be insane to miss the opportunity to vote this second time!

Goal Accomplished!

President Obama gave an incredible victory speech. As usual he was humble and optimistic. It’s an honor to have such a classy man to represent our country… not to mention his incredible family. What an inspiration to our children, the country, and to the world! ~ Michael Baisden

Yes, we could! Yes, we can! Yes, we did! Yes, we have…. 4 More Years!

~ Image Werks, Corporation

Published by: Image Werks Corporation

For Another 4 years!