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The Value of Friendship! 

On November 10, I learned the value of Friendship.

My personal definition of Friendship

Friends, in my opinion, are individuals, whatever may be their marital status, who have intrinsic value. Individuals that add value to my life and no matter the time I have to spend with them, help me (interpersonally) make sense of my daily surroundings. I choose people who I believe tell me the truth as I give the truth. There is absolutely nothing to hide especially, when appropriate.

And, RESPECT, is cornerstone!

The Experience

So why am I share this experience? I messed up in the Trust department and it had a severe Domino effect.

Here is the scenario:

I planned to  attend the Caritas Smile Charity Ball with an amazing man. However, since I trusted him it never dawned on me to receive a final word on the “date” time. We discussed the arrangements; however, in retrospect, there were hidden concerns which not vocalized. Ok, maybe, I am making excuses. Bottom line, he did not show and I chose to deal with it by “closing meh eyes” (Caribbean Culture) for a few hours.

I awoke to a hurt friend who expected me to be there. Unbeknown to her, my reason for not showing up. She shared her feelings with me via Social Media. This is no way an embarrassment as the Headline of this post is, “The Value of Friendship.” Here is the post…

Danced the night away supporting Caritas Smile, a charity which gives toys to children in DR. What a great night, with fantastic desserts and awesome music!! Thanks Alicia Alexander for telling me about it, I poured some libation for you honey. It was sweat from dancing, but yeah, that was for you!”

I could only respond, “Indigo, you are an awesome friend! I ♥ you, forever!”

Case in point: Men when a female trusts you enough to bring you into her world. It is for a reason. It is not appropriate to have in your mind to string the female, who trusts you, along. Especially, when it is for an opportunity for her to show her world how special you are to her. You not only disappoint her but, people who would love to see her with or without you.


The value of friendship in this circumstance, “How do I FEEL knowing I disappointed my good friend this evening? Like #TheLoser he thought I was. When, I am a size 8. #NotNeedingToLoseWeightAtALL!”

I Like MyselfPsalm 139 [Basic Bible]| Bible Resources, Spiceofyourlife.wordpress.com, Alicia J. Alexander

Was I wrong  to ask from the beginning? Not certain, yet, I know that I can never put myself in this circumstance again.

The value of friendship for me is extremely high.

And, Yes! I still have a huge bag of Toys for the children.

~Alicia J. Alexander

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Two friends

Two friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)