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Microsoft Building

Microsoft Building (Photo credit: Artotem)

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With the abrupt departure of top Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky, Julie Larson-Green and Tami Reller are running the Windowsdivision.

Larson-Green will run the engineering part of Windows, while Tami Reller will oversee its business operations.

The Windows division does $18 billion a year in revenues; it’s also viewed as Microsoft’s flagship product, and the basis of its technology franchise.

Larson-Green has worked for Microsoft since 1993. In 1997, she started working on the Microsoft Office team, where she became part of Sinofsky’s brain trust. She led a “radical revamp” of Office starting in 2003, for which she won a technical leadership award.

When Sinofsky moved from the Office division to take over Windows, Larson-Green moved with him, leading Microsoft’s efforts to redesign its user experience.

Reller joined Microsoft through its acquisition of Great Plains Software, a maker of business-operations software, where she was Chief Financial Officer, in 2001. She continued in that business until 2007, when she joined the Windows team, where she is now chief financial and marketing officer.

Both Larson-Green and Reller have been highly visible in the global launch of Windows 8.
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Front entrance to building 17 on the main camp...

Front entrance to building 17 on the main campus of the company’s Redmond campus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)