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English: Empire State Building lit up red and ...

English: Empire State Building lit up red and green. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Respect Begets Respect

A Lesson In Organizational Management

Executives, Managers, and Team Leaders, this is a difficult lesson to consciously recognize yet, it is a requirement. Respect begets respect.

Today’s post is for the betterment of the organization to which you are responsible to lead.

The Foundation

Words can are an effective reward or discipline tool. A kind word can produceSuperman-like” behaviors. Personally, I am able to leap over The Empire State building (NYC) or, The Prudential Building (Boston) and the basis of a word.

Likewise, a negative word followed by a negative action can produce a conundrum of “Why did he or she say that to me?” Also, “Do I still need to prove myself?” Even, a negative word for some employees will motivate them to become “mission” minded.

Respect & Love

Respect & Love (Photo credit: M Reza Faisal)


In order to substantiate the introductory admonishment, I will, personally, go under the microscope. For a tangible understanding, I lay this foundation. My inner being and thought pattern becomes a lesson in “Logic” class. (A university class in which I received an “A.”)

Case in point…

If anyone remembers the basics of “Logic,” the Philosophy class, the sentence structure was…

Premise + Premise + Premise = Conclusion for a basic, discussable  thought.

Demonstrating: Personally, the way I interpret a negative word thrown at me is:

Example: “Your intelligent, however, if you put away that ‘entrepreneurial thing’ you might do better.”

My response:

I have talent. + You are needing my talent at the moment. + Yet, you insult me and think that is acceptable? = You are bloody mad (Thanks, grandma for that expression.) And, I will show you!

I depart and become the “Bionic” woman in Image Werks Corporation. I built Image Werks Corp. faster, stronger, and better than I had ever thought because you got me angry. No need to send apologies. I decided that I may not be “good enough” but, I will not cry.  My actions become, “Look out you will see what you lost by insulting me.”

Do many employees react like this? No. Some tuck their head in the hole you dug for them and become passive. Only, as the leaders of the organization, the work they produce reflect this response. Leaders are the one who have the responsibility to produce a positive organizational experience. As a “Motivational change agent,” leader you are responsible for producing cohesion in the organization. Employees feel the “wind of change.” For example, when management lead me to believe they saw something good in me and pulls the “Gotcha! action.”

What is the “gotcha action?” It is when someone recruits you for their own purposes and proceeds to insinuate that you are less than who you truly are. Respect begets respect. However, if subliminally, you look at someone and cannot overcome something about that person; yet, you want their talent on your team it is best to address it upfront or do not bring on the prospective recruit.

An Admonishment

Executives, Manager, and Team Leaders, this is a difficult thing to consciously recognize yet, it is a requirement. Respect begets respect. This basic tenet applies to the Entry-level employees to the Seasoned Professional staff. If you cannot respect your staff, consider yourself and consider each individual on your team.  And, use the following thought pattern…

“What is it that I see in this person and how do I influence this action?”

“Is the action a professional or personal action which may lead to an escort out of the building or, is it redeemable enough to redirect for the benefit of the organization?”

“Ultimately, for the benefit of the organization? Can this employee and I agree to produce the quality of work for a “greater good” outcome without anything changes being made?”

If two or three can affirmatively be answered, then guess what Leaders, the conundrum is a P.O.A. “What is a P.O. A?” A “Personal Observation and Attitude.” In other words, put the organization first in your consciousness and all other values will fall into place.

Written and Published by: Image Werks Corporation

English: Empire StateBuilding From NJ

English: Empire StateBuilding From NJ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)