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The entire creation groans for the revealing of God’s children, when will we arise and give God The Glory?

Are you using the gift of grace in being who you are called to be?

A unique individual, no matter what the profession; no matter the marital status; no matter the economic status;

“Are you using the gifts God has given you with ‘The Grace’ which is more than sufficient for you!”

Great examples” is how we should view the Old Testament of The Bible. Some great examples of “Influencers” were Daniel, Joseph, JoshuaJehoshaphat, Deborah, but, my favorite is Esther. Esther is a great example of being a humble, female “Influencer.”

I encourage you to read the story of Esther (see previous post: http://ow.ly/fo6LB). The most significant part of the Esther story is when Mordecai encourages her to be the “Influencer” Jehovah has placed her in place to be “For such a time as this.”

Where has Jehovah, “The Great I am placed you?” Are you needing encouragement to manifest the “Grace within?” Please consider this post a message from God to be the “Influencer” and to utilize the Grace within.

 2 Timothy 1: 5 -7 [Moffatt]

5 That would fill me with joy, for I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith which dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, as it dwells (I feel sure) in yourself.

6 Hence I would remind you to rekindle the divine gift which you received when my hands were laid upon you;

7 for God has not given us a timid spirit but a spirit of power and love and discipline.