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Before proceeding, it is perhaps worthwhile to review the past performance of this annual Miss Universe predictions list. Last year, Missosology’s final prediction is that Miss Ukraine Olesya Stefanko will win. She eventually settled for first runner-up. In 2010, Miss Ireland Rozanna Purcell was on the top of the final predictions and she was in the Top 10 missing the Top 5 by a very narrow margin.

Back in 2009, the Missosology final predictions list said that Miss Dominican Republic Ada Aimee de la Cruz will be crowned as Miss Universe and eventually she finished as first runner-up. A year before that, in 2008, the final predictions of Missosology said that Venezuela’s Dayana Mendoza will win while Colombia’s Taliana Vargas will be 1st runner-up. The prediction eventually came true.

Sure, no one can precisely know the the final results of Miss Universe 2012 at this early stage since so many factors and so many variables come into play. But there is an art in analyzing beauty pageants to the point that informed and sound predictions can be made. And that art is called missosology – the study of beauty pageants.

This year, there are so many notable candidates and cutting them into say Top 15 or Top 16 is very difficult.  After days of analysis, studying the trends and even to the point where meditation is required, the improbable became a reality. Here it is the Miss Universe 2012 Predictions by Missosology.

1.)  Miss Philippines Janine Tugunon has proved without any doubt that she is a way superior delegate than her predecessors Shamcey Supsup and Venus Raj. Her signature walk is heavenly to look at and this will be her main weapon on the finals night. Her self-assuring aura allowed her exotic Oriental beauty to shine through.

2.)  Miss Venezuela Irene Esser is full of jolly personality as she walks onstage. She is a well trained and highly prepared delegate that eventually showed everyone how a pasarela must be done. She’s adorable, with a beauty truly fit to become Miss Universe and that body she possesses is something to die for.

3.)  The golden girl of the Miss Universe 2012 is no other than Miss South Africa Melinda Bam. Oozing with glamor and a face that could light up a dark room, Melinda is difficult to miss.

4.)  Time passes by but the beauty of Miss Puerto Rico Bodine Koehler is undeniably timeless. Her features are all queenly. Her body is very shapely and her catwalk is just divine. Would it be wrong to conclude that this girl is just perfect?

5.)  From a nation that won 2 of the Big4 crowns last year, Carolina Aguirre is making inroads in everyone’s list. She will soon prove that her country Ecuador is an emerging superpower with great Latina beauty that subtly combines sexiness with elegance.

6.)   Statuesque Miss Mexico Karina Gonzalez looms large at the prelims catwalk and on stage or wherever she goes because of her brimming confidence. She is blessed with an aristocratic face and those delectable long legs are absolutely her best assets.

7.)  Miss El Salvador Ana Yancy Clavel is a candidate with spunk and a flair for projecting her beauty effectively. Severely underestimated, this beauty is actually one that can surprise a lot of folks.

8.)  Don’t write off Miss USA Olivia Culpo from your list. This girl has a fresh aura, a bubbly personality and possesses one of the prettiest faces in the competition.

9.)  Miss Colombia Daniella Alvarez’ shapely body did not pass by unnoticed. The way she sashays onstage is truly remarkable.

10.)                  Miss Croatia Elizebeta Burg is a head turner beauty that can command a lot of attention.

11.)                 What is remarkable about Miss Czech Republic Tereza Chlebovská is her harmonious facial feature. Her nicely set eyes with a nose that juts at the right height go well with her opulent lips that begs to be kissed.

12.)                 At long last Poland will get its great leap forward with Marcelina Zawadzka. The gorgeous blonde will end the drought for her country which started way back in 1990.

13.)                 Miss Malaysia Kimberley Leggett will redeem the honor of Malaysia after it was snubbed last year. Kimberley’s movements show that she is a well polished and a well-prepared delegate.

14.)                 Miss Australia Renae Ayris performed well in the competition and momentum is on her side. This young and beautiful blonde can take comfort of the fact that Aussie beauty always land at semis since 2008.

15.)                 Miss Guyana Ruqayyah Boyer knows how to project her beauty. Her walk is surprisingly excellent and at prelims she had successful showed her courage, her confidence, and her steady disposition amid pressure.

16.)                 Miss Sri Lanka Sabrina Herft came out strongly during the prelims. She is fierce, exotically Oriental and above all else sexy!

IWC_AJA‘s insight:

Remarkable Olivia Culpo crowned Miss Universe 2012 and not on the top prediction list. Congratulations, Olivia dear.

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