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Photo: The First family Christmas Tree

Wishing all a wonderful Christmas Day!

Today is Jesus’ birthday! It is not the date that is significant. It is the fact that, God so loved each of us that He, The Father was willing and obedient to his desire to give us the best He had, Jesus, The Word, The only begotten of The Father. Jesus knowing the complete “big picture” was willing and obedient to be born via The Holy Spirit by a Virgin, Mary. Such Love, such Agape, such Commitment God had toward to all of us to act in the Trinity in providing salvation for every one of us.

Yet, as in every good relationship, it takes two commit. We must accept and act in unison with God. We must accept that fact that God saw our lost state without Him and He made provision to redeem us. God saw everything, especially, the deception of Satan. The fact that Satan had a wicked prideful persona and God immediately “handled” it. God also knew the fact that his children should have “choice.” Who wants to be blindly told what to do and how to do it. That is slavery not, being a child. Children know who their parent is because of the love they receive. God wanted us to know that we are free to love Him. His children have the ability to imitate what He did to create and change situations that do not reflect His love.

God’s love is pure and unconditional. It is Agape, unconditional and life-giving. It transforms our lives from being lost to having abundance. God’s love is true and it is the highest form of reality. It makes all things new.

As we celebrate Christmas today, December 25, 2012. Let us ask God to make his Agape our reality.

Written and Published by: Image Werks Corporation