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14  Come together, all of you, and give ear; who among you has given news of these things? the Lord’s loved one will do his pleasure with Babylon, and with the seed of the Chaldaeans.

15  I, even I, have given the word; I have sent for him: I have made him come, and have given effect to his undertakings.

16  Come near to me, and give ear to this; from the start I did not keep it secret; from the time of its coming into existence I was there: and now the Lord God has sent me, and given me his spirit.

17  The Lord who takes up your cause, the Holy One of Israel, says, I am the Lord your God, who is teaching you for your profit, guiding you by the way in which you are to go.

18  If only you had given ear to my orders, then your peace would have been like a river, and your righteousness as the waves of the sea:

19  Your seed would have been like the sand, and your offspring like the dust: your name would not be cut off or come to an end before me.

20  Go out of Babylon, go in flight from the Chaldaeans; with the sound of song make it clear, give the news, let the word go out even to the end of the earth: say, The Lord has taken up the cause of his servant Jacob.

21  They had no need of water when he was guiding them through the waste lands: he made water come out of the rock for them: the rock was parted and the waters came flowing out.

22  There is no peace, says the Lord, for the evil-doers.

IWC_AJA‘s insight:

The Lord is the one who gives you The Word to advocate on your behalf.  The Word provides direction and instruction. It is not a secret thing yet, The Word is orders your path and brings you to a peaceful, pleasant place.

When we choose to adhere to The Word, it  will produce The Blessing for an entire lineage. Proclaim The Word for it is Good News for all generations! But, the person who rejects The Word, shall shudder. It’s a promise… in The Word!

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