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Walking into my  Destiny

Celebrating the Birthday of a Fashion Industry Leader…

Andrea Stefania Linares Re: The photo above… The Colors of God in the summer..

I respond… “Absolutely!” The photo depicts for me, “The early morning, my favorite time of the day to greet my Heavenly Father.”

I enjoy being in His presence. Yet, I know I have a responsibility to all on the walk of Life. The lives, we daily live, are writing “The Lambs Book of Life.” The Lambs  Book of Life is God’s reference manual of the those who chose to believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior while they live on Earth. The Bible has two sections: The Old Testament and The New Testament. Yet, it is one book as God is one God: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

The Old Testament is the template: the example of how we should live and believe God, Himself. The New Testament is the design of how we should live and believe in this present age. Which leads me to inquire, “Comparing this present life with the days of the Old Testament age, “Is the life that we presently live in, going to be compared by others in the future as we compare ourselves with the persons in the Old Testament?” In others words, are we setting an example for those yet to come? Look at our behavior as Believers. Do we preach and publish the Truth of God’s Word for those who do not know the Truth in order for them to want to say yes, I believe?

I believe when the Revelation of Truth appears, the days we live in will be the “Example” and The New Kingdom will be”What believe.”

Hence the conundrum in my soul is, “As, The Lake of Fire is eternal. Is The Lamb’s Book of Life written for a new reality?” What I mean to say is, The Bible is our Book for living “in the now.” “Is The Lamb’s Book of Life written for another life?”

This inquiry leads me to believe: as the Old Testament people are our examples; “are we another age’s example?” Or, is this it? If so, the Lake of Fire will never go away. It is a responsibility for  those who Believe to warn those who do not believe in order to save them from the ultimate, eternal destruction. There is coming a day when this will be no more. If you are not in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Where will you be? You will be in the Lake of Fire.

Written by Alicia J. Alexander The Image Works Corporation