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Alicia J. Alexander “As Alicia J. Alexander trusts in her God, You can trust Alicia J. Alexander.” Her credence statement.

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The Image Works Corporation is a Digital Business Enterprise specializing in Business Development and Financial Reporting. The mission of The Image Works Corporation is to grow your business.

How do you say, “Good morning to your loved ones?” How do you say, “Good morning to yourself?” Me, I gaze into the sky and see the magnificent, golden rays of the sun rising to a place where all can behold it’s rays. I enjoy a time of looking into the beauty of God’s Word. And, I enjoy the awesomeness of the melodious tones of various styles of music. It is an awesome thing to know God and the beauty of His holiness.

Just to think the One who created all that we see loves us, how awesome is that! Imagine when we arise God says, “I love you” by placing the sun in a place where we can view and enjoy its beauty. The sound of the birds chirping as they say, “Thank you God for this beautiful day.” For me, creates a sense of you are beautiful and you are valuable.

Realizing that God Himself has a purpose for all things he created including you and me, cause me to say, “Thank God for being you.”

English: The "Morning Star" hostel, ...

English: The “Morning Star” hostel, Belfast The Morning Star Hostel, Divis Street provides accommodates for single homeless men who have alcohol, drugs or mental health problems. The present building replaced one destroyed by fire in 2002. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)