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Hi! My name is Alicia J. Alexander. I use Social Media business tools and Publicity to produce ROI for your Business. click to go At The Image Works Corporation, "We serve with Passion."

Hi! My name is Alicia J. Alexander. The following is my Social Media philosophy:

Strategic Social Media Marketing –> ROE (Engagement) —> ROI = My Trophy of Faith.

Strategic Social Media Communication —>ROE (Engagement) –>ROI (Time Well Spent) = “Our” Trophy of Faith.

Keep moving forward for “your Now Faith to grow.”

Imperatively, At The Image Works Corporation. “We serve with Passion.”

Greetings, Happy March 24, 2014.

How many professional allot time in the morning to plan the success for their day? Or, as a professional, are you uphill climbing on a treadmill? Myself? I allot for a couple of hours of what I label “Peace” time for a “great” day.

Today, my consideration focused on “Assets.” Perhaps, because my advanced degree is a Master of Science in Accounting from Grand Canyon University. Or, because of the Economy and the need to promote The Image Works Corporation’s message: “Pay Down” – Account Payable and create “Outstanding!” – Owner Equity.” The corporate philosophy is a necessary statement to communicate to internal and external customer relationships.

Thinking of the talents and thoughts of a company, many professionals will say the collection of talents and thoughts of any company is its assets. Wrong. The “relationship” to sell these talents and thoughts to the marketplace is the company asset. To whom do we sell? Customers. A company and its leadership has phenomenal responsibility, appreciate the asset of Customer relationship, both internally and externally in the marketplace. The greatest asset of a company is Customer Relationship [s] and must be guarded as such especially in an Economy at any stage of growth.

As we conduct our activities for Monday, March 24, 2014, let’s consider how to conduct our focus within our Customer Relationship while communicating the important company message of:


Account Payable: “Zero” – Paid Down and Owner Equity: “Bravo” – Outstanding!

Written and Published by: Alicia J. Alexander – The Image Works Corporation