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kanye-west-kim-kardashian-vogue-3The public introduction of the Kardashian – West family drew much controversy via their Vogue photo shoot and resulting U.S. Vogue cover.
The couple and baby enjoy an intimate photo shoot which had a simultaneous spoofing on its debut. Recently, Anna Wintour announced, “it was her, as Editor-in-Chief, intent to have the couple on the U.S. Vogue magazine April edition.”

Personally, my surmise is, “Is this a new level of bullying?” Vogue, a high society magazine, has a photo opportunity with a happy couple “Kanye and Kim” and their baby as a photo announcement of their joy. Yet, a segment of society is so vocal about their disdain of the Vogue cover that the controversy sent me into research of the genesis of the controversy. My resulting statement is, “stop hating.” Kanye and Kim are a beautiful couple and baby North is a beautiful child. This is the crux of the Vogue cover. I agree with Anna Wintour. “Much Happiness to the Kardashian – West family.


The following video is the best stated media response to the entire scenario. I believe it best states the resolve while promoting the support of this beautiful relationship. Congratulations Kim, Kanye and baby North.