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The Image Works Corporation

It is “Investment Saturday, March 29, 2014.”

 The Synergistic Values of:
Hope, Faith and God’s Unfailing Love via
Your Time,Talent and Treasure.

Greetings Friends and Readers, The value of Hope is to have serious and positive thoughts toward your Time, Talent, and Treasure regarding the Mission/Vision that is within you.

This past week gaffe in the Stock market offset many Investors. Yet there is a sense of hope. Welcome to the God’s Charis Economy one of “Hope, Faith, and God’s Unfailing Love.” This is not a dejected time. It is time for assessing your skills seriously, and you receive the “Aha” moment that you have “something good” within you. It is “an empowering something” this is called FAITH. All you have to do is believe and go with the Mission/Vision God Himself has places within you. Do not be afraid to take that step, make that call, or, attend that meeting. People require what you have. Hence, get up from where you are and go and do that “positive something” God has placed within you.

Remember, your “Time, Talent, and Treasure” are your gifts you uniquely have. No one else can do what you have within you since you are unique. Like the old Nike slogan, “Just Do It.” Put your “Time, Talent, and Treasure” to work for good. Also, know just because you are the only you, you are not alone. The God of the universe is with you. Enjoy your day, and let “Hope, Faith, and God’s Unfailing Love” empower your actions to do good today.

Written and Published by: Alicia J. Alexander – The Image Works Corporation