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“My Jesus wears cuff-links.” – Alicia J. Alexander



“My Jesus wears cuff-links”

I may not see his face physically; but, I know His presence. “Heaven (my home) is full of glory, Jesus speak into my soul: my mind, will, and emotions.

God’s “Glory” is real and His “Glory” out-shines every department, of every Neiman Marcus department store, collectively. There is nothing on this Earth that compares to the original glory: God’s “Glory.” The only way a person on Earth can get access to His “Glory” is through true Worship. You must obey God’s word and worship Him alone in spirit and truth to grasp His “Glory” and the presence of the living God.

“My Jesus wears cuff-links.”

A Revelation of Truth: “My Jesus wears cuff-links” to draw me closer to His side in Truth – Beauty and, Integrity.

To know Jesus is to love Jesus because through Jesus we have all that pertains to life and godliness. Jesus is the core of all we do when we know Him in beauty and truth. There are times when we feel like we do not need anyone else on this planet. Yet, in the Kingdom of God, in reality, we have a real relationship with Abba Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Then God, Himself, adds those who love Him in spirit and truth to your life to edify you in spirit and truth.

 “My Jesus wears cuff-links.”

The number one virtue God allows us to experience on a daily basis is God’s unfailing love. In Jesus Christ, we have Grace (God’s Special Favor) and Truth. Only, do we reserve time to enjoy His presence with Him alone from the “noise” of the world? Do we allow for God to lavish His Divine love on us from being in His Divine Presence? God’s unfailing love is our empowerment. Are you feeling weak from your work week? Then, leave the cell phone, the smart phone, and the laptop; and, draw near to God through The Word of God and the Holy Spirit. God awaits your presence to share His Divine power with you in order to empower you. This how much God loves you. God’s love is unfailing love. Indeed, God is love.

 “My Jesus wears cuff-links.”

God calls gently to you. His unfailing love is patient and kind. Through the full-character of the living God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit we have Faith: a Divine empowerment to believe in God and believe in God’s word. Because it is God’s empowerment He, God, does the work and we believe and obey the word we receive from the Word of God (the Bible). Do not doubt. Do not deny the possibility of a radical change. Yet, the standard is a process of change. Life is a faith walk; not, an “Audubon of Change.” Believe the gentle ways of God because this is what brings permanent change into your life. This “change” is good. God is good. And, every good and perfect “thing,” “change,” and happen-stance comes from God.

 “My Jesus wears cuff-links.”

Thank you Jesus for your way of life and your truth being alive in me. If I did not have your Word to guide, to keep, to lead, and to teach me, I would not know how to respond to your unfailing love. Indeed, because of your unfailing love encompassing me about as with a shield, I can be transformed more and more into the original image God designed for me: the image of God.


“My Jesus wears cuff-links.”

Alicia J. Alexander Meditate on the Word of God

Psalm 103:7

Psalm 107:20

Hebrews 11:1-6

John 1:14 – 18

John 3:16, 17

Romans 1:16

Jeremiah 29:10 – 14

Romans 10:17

2 Thessalonians 1; 2

2 Peter 1

1 John 3: 1 – 3

Joshua 1:8, 9

1 John 1:7 – 10

 Written and Published by: Alicia J. Alexander – The Image Works Corporation