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The Power of Forgiveness

East Providence, RI (May 16, 2014) – The power of forgiveness comes from a repentant heart convinced that “God is love.” 478728_498069696880825_244182531_oThe daily world issues a cosmic force surmised as “push:” pressure until something hurts. The final stage of “push” is “hurt.” Daily, the world pronounces “hurt” on a person and consequentially, on a family; only a “hero or heroine” can forgive. However, as Believers in Christ we know we are “More Than Conquerors” through Jesus Christ who “loved us” and who loves us.

God’s love is the highest form of empowerment for a human being. God’s love is the thrust force that defeats “push.” Yet, due to “push,” the force of God’s love teaches a person how to speak or, to say “power statements.” One of the “power statement” I learned on Thursday, May 8, 2014, is: “I forgive you and I love you.” This statement is a multi-directional statement. The statement goes out to the “push” force and the source from which “push” issues. “I forgive you and I love you” directs faith (God’s empowerment to believe) to self in order to encourage your heart and cause you to keep you going forward.”

The foundation of “I forgive you and I love you” comes knowing in your heart that Abba Father, God, is love and his empowerment to you is to keep you his child believing, trusting, and obeying His Word. This knowledge causes a person to vanquish “push.” As “push” becomes more and more a defeated issue in a person’s life and family, the gifts of Love, Joy, and Peace manifest in a person’s life. In fact, the promised “glory and goodness” that God calls us to in Himself manifests. Moreover, this reward comes from diligently choosing God’s way: “to display His love nature on a daily basis” especially, while going through “push.” The power of forgiveness is a daily process of remaining in the knowledge of God is love.

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Written by; Alicia J. Alexander, President/Owner of The Image Works Corporation