Alicia J. Alexander, Who (?) and The Image Works Corporation What (?)

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Alicia J. Alexander – Who (?)

A little background about me. I graduated from East Providence Senior High School on June, 1985, my 17th

Salve Regina University

Salve Regina University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

birthday and, entered the now Salve Regina University in the

Fall of 1985. I spent my freshman year there. Being the first born from an immigrant family from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, I took some time off from school and began to work. In 1988 -1989, I returned to college at URI. In my extra-curricular activities I became a Gospel Dj. Being a “Trini” music is our culture. Today my composition is: “10% blood; 10% bones and 80% Music!”

My Grandma, who lived in New York became ill with cancer in November, 1989. It was a difficult process as I am her oldest Grandchild and my Grandma was my “Defender.” The one memorable thing that I shared with her during this time was, Jeremiah 29:11. Now, when I need to remember her or I need encouragement, that verse will surface in my life.

I returned to college again in 1991 this time at Providence College, my Alma Mater. However, I did not complete it in a straight two years. I left school in Fall of 1992, married in January of 1993; and, moved to the Washington, D.C. area in October 1993. I lived there for 7 years. I had a great life and great church (Living Faith Ministries International)! But, I was always aware that I did not have the degree and I would have to answer to someone maybe God, or maybe Grandma for not completing my degree. I gave birth to my last child in September, 1995.

I enrolled in Public Relations at The George Washington University. Because, my marriage was going through a turbulent time and I knew I would need to ready for his departure. That time came on December 18, 1998. Thank God I was working in the Accounting field for First American Corporation dealing with Real Estate Taxes. The First American Corporation division, I worked for folded and, my Mom brought me home to RI. For my daughter, it was just in time for her to enroll in Kindergarten at Myron J. Francis Elementary School in Rumford. I returned to school in January of 2001. I grabbed an Associate Liberal Studies degree for my life experience and the following year, 2002, I graduated “debt-free” with a Bachelor of Arts degree. I always wanted to graduate debt-free. I have been a Believer in God’s Word since 8 years of age and, the most important scripture I stood on for my education was Deuteronomy 28:  1 – 14.

The Image Works Corporation, What (?)

4221 web

It was my desire to follow in my Grandfather’s footsteps as a Business Leader; thus, I opened The Image Works Corporation on July 15, 2005.

So, Who is this Alicia J. Alexander?

  •  Alicia J. Alexander is the Owner of The Image Works Corporation based in the State of Rhode Island.
  • Alicia J. Alexander is a “Phenomenal” Publicist. She focuses on the Celebrity and/or Business Owner Client. She provides a platform for you, The Client, to share your story via SpiceofyourLife, A Business Blog.
  • Finally, but most importantly, Alicia J. Alexander is a Believer in Christ who deals justly in Business.

“As Alicia J. Alexander trusts in her God, You can trust Alicia J. Alexander.” Her credence statement.

The Image Works Corporation

Mission: Grow businesses

The Image Works Corporation is a Digital Business Enterprise specializing in Business Development and Financial Reporting. The mission of The Image Works Corporation is to grow your business.

 The Image Works Corporation functions to:

The Image Works Strategic Business Development Communications and Strategic Accounting/Financial Management strategically think and execute with understanding of the synergistic operational values of Customer excellence plus diligent Accounting and Finance along with practical Technological advances of your business. The Image Works Corporation serves the business marketplace with a well-defined corporate strategy: a principle of:

“Minimize Expenses. – Maximize Profits. – and, All Asset Acquisitions, Fully Funded Prior to the Final Transaction.”

What does this mean to your company?

  • The Image Works Corporation assists your company to communicate practically, your growth business model to current clients and prospects.
  • The Image Works Corporation assists your company to communicate the synergistic values of: your company including its “Time – Talent – and Treasure.”
  • The Image Works Corporation operates within limits to support your company’s development.
  • Contact: The Image Works Corporation for your company’s “success strategy.”

3 Categories:
– Event Management
– Social Media
– Business Financial Management Coaching

“The Important thing in life is to trust God and NEVER give up!” – Alicia J. Alexander and The Image Works Corporation.


2 thoughts on “Alicia J. Alexander, Who (?) and The Image Works Corporation What (?)”

  1. tzarulnicolai said:

    You have to be you every time life teaches us lessons. Follow your heart and “festina lente”(hurry slowly) as Romans used to say…

  2. Nice blog!

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